Forte Forte: The Comfort In Everyday Fashion

Published: 01st March 2011
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Forte Forte fashion embodies femininity with a twist. It is an Italian brand which popularized the concept of labeling their creations as "dress" for dresses, "pant" for pants, and so on. The more specific branding gave their creations a strong market recall. Through the years, this fashion line has been adored by women from all across the globe for their simple yet cutting-edge designs. Forte Forte gives us dresses that we can wear every day. They’re not too grandiose and out-of-this-world but they ensure comfort to the wearer without having to compromise style.

The fashion line appeals to women who want to look glam and fab without going too overboard. Forte Forte pieces will turn heads but they won’t put you in the spotlight for a long time. Nonetheless, the line is a huge hit among women, young and old alike, who are looking for staple fashion pieces that combine function and great style.

We’ve scoured online stores for the best Forte Forte pieces and here’s our list of must-haves:

Black velvet jacket. This piece is made from cotton and velvet. Its very relaxed and comfortable style makes it the ideal staple for work. In as much as we want to look different at the work place, there are office attire standards to follow. The Forte Forte black velvet jacket is the perfect combination of "decent" and "stunning." Wear it with a pair of pumps and stilettos, slacks or skirt – it’s still guaranteed to look good on you.

Beige long dress. This nearly full-length dress will make you a head turner without having to try too hard. It’s very simple but it clings into the body and flaunts your curves perfectly. The slightly crinkled effect and the lacy skirt accentuate this Forte Forte piece. Because the dress is minimal in design and neutral in color, you can use any of your favorite accessories. To get the best look, match it with a pair of boots, a soft-material belt, or a scarf.

Short dungaree. If you’re looking for the perfect summer wear, this short dungaree will make you look longer and thinner. Spaghetti straps will show off your collar bones. It has a garterized waistline that hugs into your body perfectly. The best thing about this Forte Forte summer wear is that it’s very comfy to wear. Match it with your favorite stiletto for a girly appeal or with a pair of sneakers if you’re feeling a little outdoorsy.

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