Sissi Rossi Bags: Luxury And Softness Combined

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Published: 04th April 2011
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Sissi Rossi is famous for their very luxurious and soft slouch handbags. Most of their bags come with washed leather satchels. Every Sissi Rossi creation is finished in time-honored Italian tradition.

The brand was founded by couples Beatrice "Sissi" Rossi and Massimo Betocchi. First their first seven years, they made buttons and accessories. But in 1999, they entered a new venture through their luxury handbag business. From then on, the fashion line immediately became a huge hit all across the world.

The bags set a new vision of luxury. Every bag celebrated details and original materials – rich colors, innovative gibers, never-before-heard treatments, natural materials, etc. The designers ensure that every Sissi Rossi bag has its own identity, history, and story to tell.

We have scoured online stores to fine a few stand-out Sissi Rossi pieces. Here’s what we got:

The Multi Zipper Shopping Bag

This slouch multi-zipper bag is the ideal fashion staple if you’re looking for something that you can use every day. It comes in supple washed-leather with minimal brass hardware. Its three additional compartments will give you enough room for your stuff. Unzip the bag and you have the main and the biggest section for your laptop, notebooks, etc. The two zipper-protected sections on the front and the bag would be perfect for your wallet, keys, mobile phones, and other smaller items. The Multi Zipper shopping bag will keep your stuff neatly organized.

The Sissi Rossi Washed Leather Tote

Another stunning slouch bag, this practical everyday piece is sure to complement a wide range of getups. The washed leather bag is accented by pink stitches and silver hardware. It has two handles and a strap so that the wearer can wear it as a handbag or as a shoulder bag.

Sissi Rossi Large Nylon Bag

Like the other Sissi Rossi bags, this piece is very convenient and multi-purpose. Made from washed material accented by leather trims, it’s the perfect bag to use when going to the gym or when going on a light trip. The bag measures 12" x 16.5" x 4.5" – for sure, it’s going to fit all your stuff for the entire day. You can hang it around your shoulder or you can carry it as a handbag through its rolled leather handles.

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